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Alta Energy’s
"The continued partnership between the Westfield Group and Martifer Solar USA exemplifies Alta Energy’s ability to match qualified vendors with businesses that want to participate in the solar energy movement. The synergies between the Westfield Group and Martifer Solar, both global heavyweights in their respective industries, represent the best that solar partnerships have to offer."
Kathy Huber, Alta Energy’s Vice President of Acquisitions
"Thanks to the professional approach and the excellent communication of Martifer (Solar), we have succeeded together to successfully finalize a variety of projects. The cooperation went very smoothly throughout all of the different phases in the projects. Going from dimensioning, installation and after sales service. The teamwork and trust between both companies creates trust and ensures results. SMA would like this productive collaboration to last between both companies."
Jeroen Kinsbergen, Service Manager
Sociedade Transformadora de Alumínios
"A Sociedade Transformadora de Alumínios escolheu o grupo Martifer para a concretização de todo este projecto, desde a completa renovação da cobertura das instalações até à implementação dos módulos fotovoltaicos. Tomamos a decisão certa ao colocar toda a responsabilidade num único grupo, resultando na execução de um projecto de dificuldade acrescida, dentro dos prazos estabelecidos. A linha de produção da empresa não esteve interrompida em nenhuma fase do projecto, foi como reparar um avião em pleno voo. Apesar da elevada dificuldade, o projecto resultou, graças ao empenho das equipas da STA e da Martifer."
Robert Matthé, General Manager Sociedade Transformadora de Alumínios
Rengy Development
"This is our first solar energy project in cooperation with Martifer Solar and it marks an important step for our company. We hope it will be the cornerstone of what may be a long-lasting partnership in this vibrant and high potential market. We value Martifer Solar’s experience in this sector of a number of European countries and trust that it will benefit the Ukrainian market, which is just starting development of solar energy."
Narek Harutyunyan, Managing Director of Rengy Development
"After extensive analysis of the different proposals, provided by the main companies within the sector,we chose Martifer Solar, amongst other reasons, for the technical quality put forward, its Smartracker® tracking technology, and for its global experience and track-record"
Cesar Martín, Consorcio Integrador Sonora80M
Innovative Energy
“In terms of local job creation, this was the ideal partnership. Combined with Martifer Solar’s global expertise and design experience, Innovative Energy’s high elevation expertise and local know-how were a true asset to Breckenridge’s solar efforts."
Eric Westerhoff, President of Innovative Energy
BNP Paribas
"As a part of our strategy we saw these projects in Portugal as an excellent opportunity to increase and diversify our portfolio of renewable energy projects.We saw in Martifer Solar a valuable and reliable partner with the capacity to add value from the beginning and throughout the lifetime of the projects. It was undoubtedly a winning bet to work with such a committed company"
Joost Bergsma, CEO of BNP Paribas Clean Energy Partners
Grupo Ferpinta
"Estamos muito satisfeitos com esta parceria que permite transformar uma área passiva, como são as coberturas das nossas instalações, num activo rentável. Para além disso, adoptamos uma política de eficiência energética, assumindo a nossa responsabilidade ambiental já que estamos a cooperar na promoção de um futuro sustentável."
Jorge Teixeira, Administrador do Grupo Ferpinta
"We are very pleased with the outcome of this project and we commend Martifer Solar USA for their assistance throughout the entire process from the design, engineering and construction and for being a key partner in Hertz’s solar initiative."
Mark P. Frissora, Chairman and CEO, Hertz
Hanwha Q CELLS Korea
"Martifer Solar is a reliable partner, especially here in Portugal and this project will be the cornerstone for the possible future partnership for both companies"
Mr. Jiho Shin. Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Hanwha Q CELLS Korea
Dardico (Video)
Paulo Pimentel, Member of the Board