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Larimer Associates
"We are honored to be able to continue the redevelopment of Lowry with this unique, boutique development. What makes this project so exciting is that it combines history with today’s technologies. We are transforming one of Lowry’s most historic buildings into a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient facility."
Jeff Hermanson, CEO of Larimer Associates
Hangar 2
"Solar power at Hangar 2 is an essential part of our green development strategy. The solar provides approximately 25 percent of the building's total power needs and the building uses only 50 percent of the energy that a typical mixed-use building of this size uses"
Jim Hartman, Developer Partner of Hangar 2, Inc
"From opening the nation’s first solar-powered city hall to constructing a 25-mile recycled water distribution system, the City of Cerritos has been in the vanguard of environmental preservation. The City continues this green tradition with the fantastic new photovoltaic system at the Cerritos Corporate Yard. The City of Cerritos is delighted that the new system will provide about 50 percent of the electricity needs of the Cerritos Corporate Yard’s main building"
Joseph Cho, Cerritos Mayor
Spear Point Energy
"Spear Point Energy is proud to work with Martifer by contributing to the finance of 3 City of Aurora solar projects, which will benefit taxpayers economically, as well as provide clean, locally produced energy"
Sam Houston, CEO of Spear Point Energy
"This is the ideal green project. We lower our bills without spending money up front. It’s perfect for our taxpayers—a green project that saves money."
Ed Tauer, Aurora Mayor
Big Blue Bus
"The inclusion of solar panels on the new transit maintenance facility was a very important aspect of the overall design, as energy efficiency was high on our list of priorities.Not all companies are this helpful, and we really appreciated their assistance with all the paperwork required for such a large scale project."
Ralph Merced, Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus
"Martifer Solar did an excellent job for us. It was a very smooth project that stayed right on schedule. The installation team was also easy to work with and very professional throughout the entire construction process.AVTA is proud of this project. It put to good use a portion of our American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding. Not only did this project generate jobs, it is reducing our carbon footprint and reducing our operating costs.”
Randy Floyd, AVTA Executive Director