VOLTALIA: Signing of a strategic partnership between VOLTALIA and GREEN of AFRICA
To initiate this partnership Green of Africa and Voltalia will finalize the development of two wind projects located in Morocco coming from Voltalia’s portfolio, for a 140 MW total capacity.

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VOLTALIA: Strong growth for the new group
"We took take a major leap forward in our development during this third quarter. The acquisition of Martifer Solar and, more recently, our successful €170 million capital increase, are two growth catalysts which will enable us to achieve the ambitious targets we seek to achieve", Sébastien Clerc, Chief Executive Officer of Voltalia.

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VOLTALIA: The expansion of the Serra Branca cluster in Brazil
Voltalia announces the start of the construction works on the Vila Acre wind power plant in Brazil (27 MW)... and... announces the early commissioning of 32 turbines (96 MW) out of a total of 33 turbines (99 MW) at the Vila Para power plant.

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VOLTALIA finalises the acquisition of Martifer Solar
"We are very excited about this transaction: in addition to ensuring a continued service to Martifer Solar clients, this merger with Voltalia is an opportunity for us to join a fast-growing group with strong prospects and high ambitions" adds Henrique Rodrigues, CEO and co-founder of Martifer Solar.

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Advanced talks for the acquisition of Martifer Solar, top tier player in the global solar PV market
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Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, and its JV partners have signed a Development Agreement with Canadian Solar for a 63MW solar power project in Aguascalientes, Mexico. MIRE is a joint venture formed by Martifer Solar Sistemas Solares, S.A., Energía ECG, S.A.P.I de C.V. and Ithaca Environmental Ventures Limited to develop projects in Mexico. MIRE began the development of this project in the end of 2015 and after a long process to obtain land control, the company managed to achieve an agreement with Canadian Solar prior to Mexico's first renewable energy auction.

Canadian Solar won a 63MWp project in Aguascalientes, Mexico, once connected to the grid the electricity generated will be sold to CFE (Comisión Federal de Electricidad), under a 15-year Power Purchase Agreement for energy and capacity and 20-year for Clean Energy Certificates. The competitive tariff in the auction allows the electricity from the plant to be sold to CFE (Comisión Federal de Electricidad) at US$47.95 / MWh. The PV plant will be built in Aguascalientes, which is a north-central state in Mexico, located approximately 500 km away from Mexico City. The project is expected to be operational by Q3 2018.

Jesus Pacheco, Director of Development for Latin America from Martifer Solar, said, "It is an honor work together with Canadian Solar on the development of this project and we are very pleased with this milestone achievement for our team in Mexico. Since Martifer Solar has been present in the market since 2011, it is exciting to see the growth and significant potential of Mexico's renewable energy sector starting to be realized."

In a recent presentation published by CENACE (Centro Nacional de Control de Energía), it shows how competitive the auction was with 468 total offers presented and only 18 winning offers selected, of which 2,191 MW was solar PV and 394 MW was wind. The PV projects selected in the auction will range in size from 18 MW to 500 MW and are spread out over six states: Guanajuato, Coahuila, Yucatan, Jalisco, Aguascalientes and Baja California Sur. The auction ended with an average price of $40.50 / MWh for solar PV and $43.90 / MWh for wind.

Henrique Rodrigues, CEO of Martifer Solar, said, "We are proud to see this successful result from Mexico's first renewable energy auction, as we view it as an important emerging market within Central America. We look forward to working together with Canadian Solar, as well as with CFE and CENACE in order to help accelerate Mexico's transition to a clean energy leader within the region."

"We are delighted to announce this win in Mexico which expands our late stage solar project pipeline in OECD countries, and positions us well for further growth in this important emerging market," commented Dr. Shawn Qu, Chairman and CEO of Canadian Solar. "Our ability to win this competitive bid is a testament to our strength as a global tier 1 leader in the solar industry. We look forward to build on our momentum to expand our global presence and help accelerate the adoption of solar energy to mitigate climate change in the region and around the world as we continue to focus on our corporate vision of making a difference to the planet."

Martifer Solar and its JV partners continue to develop solar projects through the MIRE partnership in Mexico. The strong development knowledge from Martifer Solar, combined with the legal and structuring expertise from Energía ECG, S.A.P.I de C.V. and the environmental impact and climate expertise from Ithaca Environmental Ventures, have ensured a powerful team capable to pursue repeat success in the following renewable energy auction.

The government of Mexico has set ambitious clean energy generation targets of 25% by 2018 with steady increases until an ultimate target of 50% by 2050.

Martifer Solar Connects 7,3MW PV Plant Prior to ROC Deadline
Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, has connected a 7.3 MW solar PV plant to the grid in the UK. The project was successfully connected ahead of the 1.3 Renewable Obligations Certificate (ROC) deadline. The project is located in Sittingbourne, Kent, which is situated about 72 kilometers southeast of London.

The PV plant was fully developed and built by Martifer Solar and the company will be responsible for the subsequent operation and maintenance (O&M) service. The construction of the 7.3 MW project was completed within 8 weeks, which is aligned with the company's track record and time-to-power capabilities. Following the company's business model, the PV plant will be sold to a third party investor.

Henrique Rodrigues, CEO of Martifer Solar, said, "The completion of this PV plant is a milestone for us in the UK market, as it represents the shift into a post-ROC era for our company going forward. We continue to view the UK as a viable market for solar energy, regardless of the government's support, and are tailoring our future business model to continue developing and implementing projects within the country. In addition to this, we continue to grow our business activities throughout Europe and look forward to more achievements during these coming years."

Martifer Solar completed the PV plant on an area of approximately 121,406 m2, using 27,874 modules installed on fixed structures. The 7.3 MW plant is expected to produce an estimated 7,326 MWh/year. With this production capacity, the plant will offset 630 tons of carbon dioxide on an annual basis, which is sufficient energy to power more than 500 inhabitants in the county of Kent. At this time with an impending energy supply crisis in the UK, the additional capacity being connected to the grid will help to diversify the country's energy mix.

Francisco Queirós, Director of Development for Europe from Martifer Solar, said, "Although the adverse changes in government support have been challenging for the industry, we continue to believe in the UK market and the country's potential for solar energy. We have experienced this downturn in several other maturing markets across Europe in these past years and continue to move our business forward in these countries to this day, independent of support from feed-in-tariff or ROC schemes. Our team in the UK continues developing a pipeline of about 200 MW to target PPA projects and future business models including grid-scale storage."

Martifer Solar signs MOU for 25MW project in Egypt
Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, and their local partner, EEC Group, were qualified by the Egyptian authorities to develop a 25 MWn solar plant. The companies have signed a MoU with NREA (National Renewable Energy Authority) for availing a 60,26ha land plot in Minya to build the plant.

The Government of Egypt has adopted a feed-in tariff (FiT) program for both solar and wind energy to target 4.3 GW of new renewable capacity to be implemented by 2017. This program is expected to help the government to reach its ambitious target of generating 20 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2020.

The 2 GW of utility-scale solar under this FiT program will be constructed among three different land plots made available by the government for the developers. Martifer Solar and EEC Group have been granted land in Minya, which is approximately 245 km south of Cairo and is expected to host around 450MW of solar PV plants.

Nuno Oliveira, Business Development Manager of Martifer Solar, said, "It is an honor for our consortium to have signed the MoU with NREA. We anticipate that, once connected, this project will help Egypt to combat its growing power deficit. It is both a challenging and exciting venture to expand the solar business in another new country within Africa, where we believe that our significant international expertise will be the key driver for success in the region."

Martifer Solar plans to implement the solar plant using single-axis trackers and expects the project to be ready-to-build and start construction in Q4 2016. All the electricity produced by this PV plant will be injected into the grid and sold through a PPA contract signed with EETC (Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company).

Dr. Mohamed Sobki, Chairman of NREA, said, "The 25MW plant from RA SOLAR consortium will be one of a number of solar projects, totaling 2,000MW, to be built under the first round of the Feed-in-Tariff program in Egypt. We are pleased to sign this MOU (land availing MOU for measurements) together with Martifer Solar and EEC Group and look forward to the project's successful completion and connection to the grid."

Henrique Rodrigues, CEO of Martifer Solar, said, "Egypt is a new geography for us in Africa and we are proud to see another successful milestone achievement from our development team, as we have been working on the continent since 2010. With around 620 million Africans living without access to electricity, we see great potential for our company and the solar energy industry to make a large impact in the future of the continent's development."

Martifer Solar Wins IFM 2015 Award For Best Solar Solutions Company
London-based International Finance Magazine has conferred the 2015 award for 'Best Solar Solutions Company' in Portugal to Martifer Solar at a gala ceremony in the Landmark Hotel in London on November 27.

The awards in various categories were presented by Peter Meyer, CEO, the Middle East Association (MEA); Dr. Cigdem Kogar, Chief Representative of Central Bank of Turkey in London; Kofi Addo, Head of Trade and Investment, Ghana High Commission; and Thomas Mbun, Head of Treasury and Finance, Ghana High Commission.

Luis Felipe Suarez-Olea, Investments and Business Finance Director, Martifer Solar received the award in London on November 27.

Martifer Solar is a Portugal-based company with presence in more than 20 countries in four continents. It has implemented 670 MW of solar energy projects across the world and is managing more than 600 MW in O&M Service. It provides 360º turnkey solutions adapted to each customer's individual needs.

The IFM awards are recognition for companies that are setting standards in their industry and establishing trends. This is our humble attempt to highlight contributions that have raised the bar in the financial industry and other sectors through path-breaking initiatives, including in the sphere of corporate social responsibility and charitable activities, corporate governance, and other achievements that influence and impact the global finance community. Companies from around the world compete for these awards, which are presented at an annual ceremony in London.

Henrique Rodrigues, CEO, Martifer Solar, upon receiving the award, said, "Winning the IFM award is proof of our quality services and our capabilities. We are very proud of it and it is a big confidence boost to the Martifer Solar team. Winning the award has really motivated and energised us. It has proven that we are a world class company providing solar energy solutions."

Sunil Bhat, Director, IFM, said, "I congratulate the team of Martifer Solar for winning the award for the Best Solar Solutions Company in Portugal. With the move towards clean energy gaining momentum, people and business entities are looking for eco-friendly but cost-effective solutions. This award is recognition of Martifer Solar's innovative solutions. I wish Martifer Solar all the very best for its future endeavours and hope it continues its good work."

ABB to help build 50MW solar capacity in Jordan
ABB has secured a contract with Martifer Solar to supply 50 MW solar capacity in Jordan. The deal covers four solar plants, located near the cities of Ma'an and Mafraq. Jordan imports 96% of all its energy at an annual cost of $3.6 billion or 13.5% of the country's GDP. The Master Strategy of the Energy Sector in Jordan has set a target of 1,800 MW, or 10 percent of the country's energy supply to come from renewable sources in 2020. This strategy calls for 600 MW of this new capacity to be provided by solar power.

ABB has helped co-design the plants using the company's equipment as required by the grid operator (NEPCO) with a very complete solution. The project is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2016.

Under the agreement, ABB will be responsible for the manufacture, supply, and commissioning of 45 central inverters (ULTRA), 24 36kV compartments on skid (MVCS), Plant Power Controller (PPC), and 36kV delivery stations, which will ensure safe and reliable connection to the national electricity network. In addition, ABB signed a service agreement to train Martifier Solar's operations and maintenance (O&M) technicians on specialized O&M of its inverters.

"ABB is proud to play an important role in helping Jordan reach its ambitious renewable energy targets set for 2020," said Ahmad Alhussein, Local Manager, Discrete Automation and Motion. "These innovative and technologically advanced solar projects are a big first step toward boosting Jordan's energy security and reducing its reliance on imported oil and gas."

Marco Alves, Operations & Maintenance Business Director, Martifer Solar said: "This service agreement established with ABB, including the training of our O&M technicians in operating and maintaining the ABB inverters, is an important milestone for the company and an important step towards proficiency, in line with our global strategy of providing highly reliable O&M services worldwide."

One of the four solar plants (Jordan Solar One) with its 20MW size will be the largest plant connected to NEPCO in the Al Mafraq area; the other three solar plants are 10 MW in size and will be located in Al Ward Al Joury, Al Zahrat Al Salam and Al Zanbaq, near the south-central Jordanian city of Ma'an.