Martifer Solar completes its largest rooftop installation in the Benelux region
Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, has completed the construction of a 3.5 MWp PV system on the roof of the Canal Logistics building in Brussels. The project, which was completed for the company Orka, is the second largest PV installation to date in the region.

With an area of 49.775 m2 and 14,220 PV modules installed on fixed structures, this installation will have a production capacity of 3.15 GWh/year. It will produce equivalent energy to supply the average consumption of 920 households and will offset the emission of more than 640 tons of CO2 annually.

Martifer Solar was responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of this photovoltaic system and also will be in charge of providing the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services.

“This is the largest PV system installed by Martifer Solar in the Benelux region and it represents the reliability, safety and bankability of the projects and work that we have been doing in this region. The achievement of more than 140 projects built in Belgium together with our global expertise allows us to implement a new strategy to expand our Operations and Maintenance business in the Benelux region,” says Tijs Vanhoutte, Country Manager of Martifer Solar in Belgium.

“We are very satisfied with our partnership with Martifer Solar. Previously, we have collaborated several times here in Belgium and they have always exceeded our expectations. This was the main reason why we have chosen again for Martifer Solar to be responsible for this large project,” says Jan Heyse, Managing Director of Orka.

The company has been present in Belgium since 2008 and has already installed more than 140 PV projects within the country.

Martifer Solar completes three PV Rooftop installations in Ontario
Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, completed a multi-site portfolio of projects in Ontario, Canada with combined capacity of 871.3 kW. The portfolio of solar installations, which are installed over several rooftops in the southern Ontario area, was built for the project developer, OZZ Solar.

The portfolio of projects consists of three PV rooftop installations, which were completed over the course of 2013. Martifer Solar was responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for these installations.

The 871.3 kW rooftop project portfolio signifies Martifer Solar’s continued strength in the rooftop segment of the solar PV market in Canada. The multi-site installation consists of two rooftop PV projects in Richmond Hill, and one rooftop PV project located in Cambridge, Ontario. The total system utilizes more than 3,400 crystalline silicon modules, which allows for a production capacity of 1045.56 MWh/year. The installation will produce the equivalent to the consumption of over 800 inhabitants and will avoid approximately 700 tons of CO2 emissions each year.

Co-founder and Vice President of Sales of OZZ Solar, Gerry De Luca stated, “The completion of these projects is an important milestone for OZZ Solar to showcase our commitment to the development of rooftop solar projects in Canada. The collaboration with Martifer Solar proved to be successful due to the quality of their staff and their experience in the market, which enabled the company to provide us with cost-saving strategies for the construction process.”

“This portfolio of projects is a confirmation of Martifer Solar’s ability to successfully operate within the Canadian market, especially within the rooftop segment of the industry,” said Pedro Pereira, President of the North America Region for Martifer Solar. “The Company intends to ramp up its activities and become a leading player in the Canadian market. We see great potential in the country and a large amount of untapped market share of which Martifer Solar is looking forward to take part.”

According to latest iHS research report among 700 EPC contractors, Martifer Solar is currently the 4th largest player at the European level and 14th in the World’s PV integrators ranking.

Martifer Solar completes two PV plants in Romania
Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, has completed the construction of two photovoltaic plants in Romania, in a total of 5.41 MWp, for Eurowind Energy A/S. The company was responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction of the two projects, a 2.03 MWp plant in Halchiu, Brasov county, and another 3.38 MWp in Magurele, near Bucharest.

With more than 22,000 PV modules installed on ground-mounted fixed structures, in a 12.5 hectares total area, the two plants will produce around 7 GWh/year. The produced energy is equivalent to the average consumption of almost 13,000 inhabitants and will offset the emission of more than 3,500 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

“Martifer Solar has already built three PV plants for Eurowind Energy A/S in Romania, reflecting the success of a strong partnership that was started in 2012, and which we hope to successfully continue in the future,” says Óscar Marques, Country Manager of Martifer Solar in Romania.

“At Eurowind Energy A/S, we highly value our close corporation with Martifer Solar for these projects. We experience Martifer Solar as a very professional and reliable business partner, with very competent and dedicated employees,” affirms Jens Rasmussen, Managing Director of Eurowind Energy A/S.

Martifer Solar has been present in the Romanian market since 2012, having connected one of the first utility scale plants in the country, also built for Eurowind Energy A/S.

According to latest iHS research report among 700 EPC contractors, Martifer Solar is currently the 4th largest player at the European level and 14th in the World’s PV integrators ranking.

Martifer Solar and Hanwha Q CELLS Korea complete a 17.8 MW PV project in Portugal
Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, together with Hanwha Q CELLS Korea, the Korean leading company in PV downstream area, completed a utility scale project for Korean investors, with combined capacity of 17.8 MWp. The Korean investors include Hanwha Q CELLS Korea, which is also a consortium member, and the Financial Investment Trusts managed by Shinhan BNP Paribas Asset Management.

The PV cluster, which was inaugurated today, consists of six PV plants constructed in Loures, Montijo and Montemor-o-Novo regions. Martifer Solar will be the operations and maintenance contractor to ensure the optimal generation levels of these six PV plants.

With an installed capacity between 2.2 and 6.7 MWp each, these plants are built with more than 74,000 Hanwha SolarOne modules installed in ground-mounted structures. The „green‟ energy that will be produced by the entire cluster is estimated to sufficiently power over 24,800 inhabitants and to avoid the annual emission of 19,300 tons of greenhouse gases.

"As a part of our strategy to become the top player in the field of photovoltaic solar energy, Portugal was an attractive country to invest in, since Portugal has a tremendous amount of insolation. Although the financial environment was less than friendly, we aggressively exploited Portugal‟s strength in the abundance of natural resources, and successively turned risks into profitable opportunities. Martifer Solar was and will be a valuable and reliable partner that helped us to realize these opportunities,” says Jiho Shin, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Hanwha Q CELLS Korea.

“Today, we have strengthened our commitment to Portugal. The completion of a project of this magnitude was only possible thanks to the great cooperation that we have built with all the governmental entities involved. We are very grateful to Hanwha, who has entrusted our company to develop this project. These kinds of partnerships will allow us to proceed in our current leading position in the PV sector,” says Henrique Rodrigues, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Martifer Solar.

With the inauguration of this project, Martifer Solar has already implemented close to 500 MW of solar energy worldwide, which includes 50 MW completed in Portugal.

Martifer Solar completes a rooftop installation for Max Mara Group
Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, has just concluded a rooftop installation for the fashion brand Diffusione Tessile, a subsidiary of Max Mara Group.

The multi-section plant has a combined capacity of 862.25 kW and is installed on the rooftops of its industrial unit of Cavriago, province of Reggio Emilia, Emilia Romagna region. The company was responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction of the project, and will be in charge of the Operation and Maintenance services.

The photovoltaic plant is characterized by a rather complex layout of the surfaces divided in three sections, totaling more than 3.400 polycrystalline modules of Italian production (EL.ITAL.). With a production capacity of 1.060 MWh/year, the installation will produce the equivalent to the consumption of about 900 inhabitants and will avoid approximately 700 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

According to Valerio Senatore, General Manager of Martifer Solar in Italy, “This experience is significant in order to confirm the company's ability to operate successfully and efficiently in the industrial segment. The installation was completed in a very short period of time, in spite of the adverse weather conditions during the summer, thanks to the strong daily cooperation between all parties involved. We are proud to work together with an Italian group of undisputed worldwide prestige, with whom we hope to cooperate again in the future."

The plant will benefit from the incentives of the “Quinto Conto Energia” (feed-in tariff systems according to the GSE Register), with the bonus integration linked to the European supply of at least 60% of the components.

"The project is part of a process of attention to the environmental issues that in the last years, for example, has led us to a constant supply of hydropower energy, to which we can now add other renewable sources such as the solar one. The collaboration with Martifer Solar has proved to be successful, allowing us to reach our goal with the quality and timing that we had pre-established", says Antonio Farini, CEO of Diffusione Tessile.

During this month, Martifer Solar has also concluded a 195.00 kW installation for Flexpackaging on the rooftop of its industrial unit in Cava de Tirreni, province of Salerno, Campania region. With the inclusion of these two projects, Martifer Solar has already installed 55 MW of solar energy in Italy, where it has been present since 2008.

Martifer Solar develops 50MW of PV plants in the UK
Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, is developing 50 MW of photovoltaic plants in the United Kingdom. The company intends to ensure the sale of the ready-to-build projects during the licensing process, which is expected to be completed at the end of 2013.

Located in the southern regions of Wiltshire, Swindon, Kent, Devon and Hampshire, these solar farms will have an average size of 10MW, confirming the British Photovoltaic Association’s recent statement has recently said, that solar developers in the U.K. are installing bigger power plants as panel costs drop. According to this organization, presently more than half of projects in development are sized 5 MW or bigger.

“Following the development of a large-scale PV cluster in this year’s first quarter, these projects reinforce Martifer Solar’s ambition to develop PV projects in the U.K. It is becoming a truly high potential country for this industry, unlike much of Europe, where the solar market is already mature,” says João Cunha, Country Manager of Martifer Solar in the United Kingdom.

U.K. Energy Minister, Greg Barker, affirmed recently that solar power developers should pay attention to the “huge potential” for the industry in Britain. The country aims to install as much as 22 GW of solar capacity by 2020, as part of its target to obtain 15 percent of its energy from renewables by the same year.

Martifer Solar has been present in the U.K. since 2011 and has recently developed and installed a 28.1 MWp PV cluster in this country. Located in the south-west region, the entire project of five plants, with capacities between 4.4 and 6.63 MWp, has been sold to Lightsource Renewable Energy. Currently, Martifer Solar is running the operations and maintenance (O&M) services of these plants with local staff, establishing itself also as an O&M provider for 3rd party plants in the UK market.

Martifer Solar to build its third PV plant in Ukraine
Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, is building a 5 MWp photovoltaic plant in Ukraine, the third constructed for Rengy Development in this country. Located in Tomashpil, Vinnytsia region, the project is being funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

With more than 20,000 PV modules installed on fixed structures, on an 11-hectares site, the plant will have a production capacity of 5.74 GWh/year. This is the equivalent to the average energy consumption of around 6,500 inhabitants, which offsets the emission of more than 5,000 tons of CO2 per year. Besides the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of the plant, which is scheduled to be completed this month, Martifer Solar will be responsible for the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services.

“We proudly continue our productive cooperation with Martifer Solar, signing yet another contract with this vibrant company. Based on our past experience we hope this project will prove to be another success story in the Ukrainian market and allow Martifer Solar to deliver the plant in the tight and challenging timeframes set by our stakeholders,” commented Narek Harutyunyan, Managing Director of Rengy Development.

This is the second solar energy project that Rengy Development is financing in conjunction with EBRD in Ukraine, via USELF (Ukraine Sustainable Energy Lending Facility), an investment facility designed to provide financing to local companies that want to invest in renewable energy projects. The first photovoltaic plant in the world funded by EBRD was also constructed by Martifer Solar, in 2012, for Rengy Development.

The EBRD continues promoting and supporting renewable energy projects in Ukraine aimed at reducing the environmental impact of traditional power generation. Renewable energy is yet to establish itself as a major contributor to Ukraine’s energy security but it is starting to play a greater role in its sustainable energy supply,” said Sergiy Maslichenko, EBRD Senior Manager Energy Efficiency and Climate Change.

Francisco Queirós, Country Manager of Martifer Solar in Ukraine, says, “We are very pleased by deserving, again, the trust of institutions such as the EBRD and Rengy Development, following the projects we built last year in this country. This is a demonstration that Martifer Solar is doing, all over the world, an admirable work, which is recognized and valued by its customers and partners.”

Martifer Solar has been present in the Ukrainian market since 2012. With its high levels of solar radiation, particularly in the south region, Ukraine has good conditions for the development of photovoltaic projects.

Martifer Solar lauches Energy Portal for O&M Service
Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, has launched the Energy Portal, a new O&M platform developed to integrate all the monitoring systems of its customers’ PV plants. The company managed to combine all the assets and different technologies in a single supervision platform without any additional investment for its customers.

The Energy Portal is a multi-technology and user-friendly system, web accessible and also suitable for tablets and smartphones, in which all Martifer Solar’s O&M customers can remotely access their PV plants, in real-time. Presently, the Energy Portal integrates more than 250 PV plants worldwide, with roughly 5,000 inverters, comprising a range of small residential systems up to utility-scale solar PV plants and satellite radiation data.

“The launch of this new platform is a further milestone in the strategy of Martifer Solar’s Operation and Maintenance business segment. Martifer Solar has established itself as a global O&M provider, and our Energy Portal is an essential tool to answer our customers’ needs and requests for prompt availability of useful information and support to asset management responsibilities,” comments Marco Alves, O&M and After-Sales Business Director of Martifer Solar.

Martifer Solar’s O&M services include preventative, corrective and condition-based maintenance, ensuring the continuous efficiency of the supervised PV systems, thus improving their performance and maximizing revenue generation.

The PV plants operated and maintained by Martifer Solar are continuously supervised by skilled teams, 365 days a year, in a Main Supervision Center. The company uses its own Operation Management System, which was recently distinguished, in its category, among the Top 5 Excellency Award for Software in Europe.

The Energy Portal will be on feature at Martifer Solar’s booth at Intersolar Europe 2013.

Martifer Solar to build Latin America's largest PV plant in Mexico
Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, is building a 30 MW photovoltaic plant in Mexico, the largest to date in Latin America. The company is responsible for the EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) services of the plant and will also provide the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services upon completion. The project will be funded by local development bank Nafin, by International Finance Corporation (IFC, the World Bank Group) and Corporación Aura Solar.

The plant, which is being constructed for Gauss Energía, is located in La Paz, Baja California Sur, on a 100-hectares site. It is Mexico’s first utility-scale solar project under a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) contract between a private company and Comisión Federal de Electricidad, Mexico’s federal power company, ensuring the sale of the produced energy over 20 years.

“Martifer Solar’s experience and worldwide track-record were decisive during the analysis of the different proposals made by the main companies in the sector. Due to its dimension, this project in Mexico will open the way for the development of the photovoltaic sector in the country, where, to date, were installed 13 MW of PV projects”, says Hector Olea, CEO of Gauss Energía, a Mexican company specialized in project development in the energy sector.

With approximately 132,000 modules installed on single-axis trackers, this plant will have a production capacity of 82 GWh/year, the equivalent to the average energy consumption of almost 160,000 inhabitants, and will be equivalent to offsetting the emission of more than 60,000 tons of CO2 per year. The park’s construction is scheduled to be completed in August 2013.

“This plant places us as an unquestionable player in the Mexican photovoltaic market. The reliability and global expertise of Martifer Solar, combined with our ability to adapt to this market, were determinant factors in Gauss Energía’s decision process, selecting us for the construction of a project with such dimension. The project is planned to be delivered to the client in the third quarter of this year”, adds Álvaro del Río García, Country Manager of Martifer Solar in Mexico.

With a high level of sun exposure, Mexico stands out due to a high potential in the photovoltaic sector; it is foreseen to have an exponential growth on the installed capacity during the coming years, to allow for the country to reach its target of 35% of energy being provided by renewable energy by 2026.

“The construction of the Latin America’s largest PV plant confirms our best expectations for 2013. This is an emblematic project for Martifer Solar, in a region that, due to its irradiation characteristics, finds solar electricity as a viable and more competitive alternative, when compared with non-renewable energy sources. We consider Mexico as a key market in Martifer Solar’s internationalization strategy”, says Henrique Rodrigues, CEO of Martifer Solar.

Martifer Solar has been present in the Mexican market since 2011. To date, the largest solar project operating in Mexico has 5 MW in capacity, and the country has around 13 MW of total installed capacity.

Martifer Solar USA Completes Landmark Installation at Occidental College
Martifer Solar USA has completed a 1.142 MW solar PV system, a combination of a parking lot carport and a hillside ground-mount at Occidental College. This represents one of Martifer Solar USA's most unique installations as it incorporates elements of art into the design of the system. Kara Bartelt of Lettuce, a Los Angeles architecture firm, conceptualized the unique elliptical pattern of the hillside portion of the installation.

"The Martifer-built Occidental College solar array is one of several initiatives on campus to respond to the threat of global climate change," said Dr. Daniel Snowden-Ifft, physics professor and the driving force behind the project. "It is sustainable from economic, environmental and aesthetic perspectives and as such, it exemplifies one of our main messages to students -- that big problems often require multi-disciplinary solutions. I hope it will inspire our students, our community and others to think outside the box."

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa enthusiastically endorsed the new approach during a December campus visit. The array "is truly visionary," the mayor said. "I will task the DWP with doing more of this kind of thing... This array is a beautiful representation of what a solar array can look like."

The carport portion of the system consists of 1,380 panels, which feature three electric car chargers as well as an art panel installed on the underside of the array for fire safety. It will allow for shaded parking for up to 94 faculty and students. The 3,586-panel ground-mount portion of the system was custom-built by Martifer Solar USA despite uneven terrain, the steep slope of the hillside and wet weather. All of the 163 tables, consisting of 22 panels each, were individually tested for quality assurance prior to being lifted by a crane for installation on the hillside.

"While our chief goal has always been to reduce the College's dependence on fossil fuels, the time we spent in developing the array reflects our desire to address solar power in a new, creative way," said Occidental President Jonathan Veitch. "It represents a new paradigm for arrays as architectural objects that, like buildings, are expected to contribute aesthetically to their environment."

The total system will save Occidental College about $250,000 per year in electricity costs and provide lifetime environmental benefits equivalent to 60 million pounds of carbon dioxide. "We are very proud of this beautiful, landmark installation completed in collaboration with Occidental College," said Roland Kiser, CEO of Martifer Solar USA. "Despite the initial challenges faced on this project, we were able to provide the school with a quality, state-of-the-art system that has already proven to exceed performance expectations."

Martifer Solar Hellas completes four PV plants in Greece
Martifer Solar Hellas has completed the construction of four photovoltaic parks with a total capacity of 4.5 MW in Greece, in the Preveza and Pirgos regions, continuing its strategy to develop and construct large-scale photovoltaic systems for investors.

The four plants, with capacities between 777 kWp and 2 MWp, cover a total area of 97,000 sq. m. and have been connected to the grid during this last quarter. The produced energy, around 6.65 GWh/year, is the equivalent to the average energy consumption of 5,000 inhabitants, and will prevent the emission of 5,850 tons of carbon dioxide per year into the atmosphere.

Martifer Solar Hellas was responsible for providing EPC turnkey services, including the commissioning of the projects, which are installed on fixed structures with polycrystalline modules utilizing both string and central inverters. The construction for each project was performed in record timing, with each system completed in less than a month; Martifer Solar Hellas will continue to manage the O&M Service of these plants.

Theodore Gitzos, General Manager of Martifer Solar Hellas, mentioned, “I am very satisfied that under adverse weather conditions and strict timeframes, our team was more than capable of completing these four projects, proving yet again the enormous capabilities of our company.”

Despite the difficult macroeconomic environment, Martifer Solar Hellas remains loyal to its primary goal of continuing commitment to the industry, having already completed 60 photovoltaic systems throughout the country.

Martifer Solar completes a utility scale solar PV plant cluster in the UK with a total capacity of 28.1 MWp
Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, developed a cluster of utility scale photovoltaic plants totaling 28.1 MWp in the United Kingdom. This is one of the largest clusters of utility scale solar PV plants ever built simultaneously in the country to date. As a testament to the superb engineering skills and experience of Martifer Solar, the construction of this cluster was completed in 15 weeks. These utility scale solar PV plants were constructed in Cornwall, Hampshire, Devon and Wiltshire, regions which boast the highest solar radiation levels in the country.

Martifer Solar has entered into an agreement with the UK’s largest solar energy generator, Lightsource Renewable Energy, who has purchased all five projects, already commissioned. The entire cluster of 28.1 MWp will be added to the Lightsource asset management portfolio in the UK whilst Martifer Solar will be retained under an operations and maintenance (O&M) contract to ensure all five plants perform at optimal generation levels.

“With these projects, Martifer Solar assumes, in a very expressive way, a commitment to the solar and renewables industry in the UK. Following a first stage in which we completed the projects’ development/licensing, we are very proud with the conclusion of another challenging period, for the construction and commissioning of the plants. Again, our Company distinguishes itself in 2013, where we have even more ambitious goals, which will place ourselves as one of the main companies in the sector,” says João Cunha, Country Manager of Martifer Solar in the United Kingdom.

Nick Boyle, CEO of Lightsource Renewable Energy says, “We are delighted to be working with Martifer Solar on this pioneering project. The entire cluster was completed on time, fitting in line nicely with the ROC (Renewable Obligation Certificate) changes from April onwards.”

The investor’s CEO adds that, “It has been made very clear in recent times that solar is a key component in the UK’s drive towards its renewable energy targets. We hope solar subsidies will continue at sensible levels to assist in making solar competitive with other energy sources and our goal of reaching grid parity within a predicted six years.

This would also help to build a stable and profitable industry that would no longer need to rely on government incentives by 2017. Renewable energy sources and schemes, such as this undertaken by Martifer Solar, need to become an integral part of our domestic power output if we are to achieve the Government’s target of 15% of the UK’s electricity being generated from renewable sources by 2020.”

With an installed capacity between 4.4 and 6.63 MWp, these plants, totaling more than 114,000 modules installed in ground mounted fixed structures, were installed in a total area of 75 hectares. The combined total of ‘green’ energy that will be produced by the entire cluster is estimated to be within the range of 27.74 GWh/year. This is sufficient ‘green’ energy to power over 18,000 inhabitants and save over 12,500 ton of CO2 annually.

“This project in the UK is the ultimate demonstration of Martifer Solar’s capability of adaptation to international markets. This is a key feature of our DNA, positioning Martifer Solar on the forefront of solar industry with 5-year consecutive positive results. What strengthens our credibility and solidness in a sector that faces constant changes,” says Henrique Rodrigues, CEO of Martifer Solar.

Martifer Solar has been present in the UK since February 2011. Recently, solar energy was elected as a strategic energy in the UK Renewables Roadmap, which target is to produce, until 2020, 15% of the energy mix from renewable sources. In that path, Mr. Gregory Barker, the UK’s Energy and Climate Change Minister said, at the Solar Roadshow in February 2013, that the country was approaching the threshold of 2GW for nationwide solar energy generation.

Martifer Solar lauches new advertising campaign
Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, is launching a new advertising campaign, which is already being aired to the main media of the photovoltaic sector.

Following a marketing strategy that aims to humanize the company’s communication, this campaign promises to set a differentiation in the photovoltaic scene, promoting an emotional character, through a value proposition which highlights the technical benefit and the promotion of a sustainable future.

“The emotional character is a key factor in Martifer Solar’s main markets. They are the same markets where we intend to intensify our advertising presence, as a result of the current commercial perspectives”, says Carlos Reis, Marketing and Communication Director at Martifer Solar.

“Martifer Solar stands out in the market due to the partnership and trustworthy relationships that we establish with our customers and due to our expertise from over twenty countries, over four continents. This has set us the challenge to communicate new strategic insights, adjusted to our positioning in the markets in which we are active”, concludes.

Along with the launch of the new advertising campaign, the company has renovated its institutional website: it is now presented with a new layout and a more interactive and user-friendly format, with new dedicated contents, such as clients testimonials or an application that allows to locate Martifer Solar’s projects on Google Earth.

This new platform intends to be a key pillar in Martifer Solar’s communication towards its target audience, setting the company’s image in the frontline of the international photovoltaic scene.

Martifer Solar completes two photovoltaic projects in Spain in a total of 4.26 MWp
Martifer Solar, subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, has just concluded two photovoltaic projects in Spain, in a total of 4.26 MWp. The company was responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction of the projects, a photovoltaic park of 3.8 MWp in Lorca, Murcia, and a rooftop installation of 460 kWp in Toledo, being in charge, from now on, of the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services of both installations.

The Lorca plant, owned by third parties, occupies an area of 4.5 hectares and it consists of about 15,800 modules, which are installed on Mprime solar trackers, Smartracker® technology. With a production capacity of 7.145 GWh/year, it will be able to avoid approximately 1,700 tons of CO2 emissions per year, generating enough electricity for the consumption of over 6,000 inhabitants.

The 460-kWp installation was built in the rooftop of the Prilux Group facilities, in an area of 7,500 m2. With over 1,800 modules installed in fixed structures, it has a production capacity of 0.67 GWh/year, an amount of energy equivalent to the consumption of about 500 inhabitants. This photovoltaic system will avoid approximately 160 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

"These projects reflect the excellent work that Martifer Solar always carried out in Spain, the country where we have already installed 60 MW. Although this is a mature market, which has been facing many changes in the sector regulation, we still deserve the trust of our customers and partners, being known for our experience and quality, in every business segment", says Jesus Pacheco, Martifer Solar’s COO for Spain.

Martifer Solar e Montepio Crédito estabelecem parceria
Martifer Solar e Montepio Crédito estabelecem parceria para financiamento de projectos de Minigeração

A Martifer Solar, subsidiária da Martifer SGPS, assinou um protocolo de parceria com o Montepio Crédito, empresa do Grupo Montepio, com o objectivo de facilitar o acesso das empresas à possibilidade de financiamento de projectos fotovoltaicos de Minigeração em Portugal.

Com esta parceria, a Martifer Solar reforça o leque de possibilidades a apresentar ao mercado, permitindo aos seus clientes usufruir de uma possibilidade de financiamento que poderá ser determinante para as empresas avançarem para um investimento desta natureza.

“A parceria com o Montepio Crédito reforça o compromisso da Martifer Solar com as empresas portuguesas, ao permitir que estas apostem, com mais facilidade, na energia solar fotovoltaica, transformando-a num investimento seguro e com garantias de rentabilidade, adoptando ao mesmo tempo uma política de eficiência energética”, afirma Henrique Rodrigues, CEO da Martifer Solar.

“As competências que Portugal desenvolveu no domínio dos projectos fotovoltaicos, através da Martifer Solar, vão ao encontro do posicionamento do Montepio Crédito, natural parceiro financeiro deste tipo de investimentos. O conhecimento específico dos contornos destes projectos exige um especialista em financiamento, e o Montepio Crédito apresenta as necessárias soluções”, afirma Pedro Alves, Presidente Executivo do Montepio Crédito.

A Martifer Solar é líder em Minigeração em Portugal, com mais de 40 projectos instalados por todo o país. A nível global, a empresa está presente em mais de 20 países, em 4 continentes, tendo já implementado mais de 300 MW de energia limpa em todo o mundo.

Inspira Martifer Solar signs contract for its first rooftop project in India
Inspira Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer Solar for the Indian market, has signed an EPC contract with Mapro Foods for the construction of a 350 kW rooftop project in India.

The photovoltaic system, to be installed on Mapro’s food processing factory, will be located in Wai, city of Mahabaleshwar. With a capacity to produce 580 MWh/year, the equivalent of the average consumption of 400 families, the installation will prevent the emission of more than 500 tons of CO2 per year into the atmosphere.

“Being Inspira Martifer Solar’s first project in one of the most promising industry segment in India, we are very committed to deliver the same kind of quality in terms of design and construction that Martifer Solar brand represents worldwide,” said Paulo Soares, CFO of Inspira Martifer Solar.

“The project has been awarded to Inspira Martifer Solar, as its principal Martifer Solar is a global solar energy expert with superior technology and to date they have participated in the implementation of more than 300 MW of photovoltaic solar energy worldwide,” affirmed Mayur Vora, CEO of Mapro Foods.

The system will be made up of 1210 modules installed on flat structures and its construction will be completed in February. Inspira Martifer Solar will be responsible for EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) and for the operation and maintenance (O&M) of the project, which will involve a total of 50 workers during the construction phase.

“This contract with Mapro Foods confirms two facts: firstly, it proves the competitiveness of photovoltaic solar power in the Indian market, facing other renewable and non-renewable sources. Moreover, it endorses our aim to take a leading position on the rooftops segment, for which we count with the bet of other industrial and commercial sectors in the near future”, said Shrirang Bhandiwad, CEO of Inspira Martifer Solar.