Martifer Solar installs a 4.5 kWp Off-Grid system in Turkmenistan, Central Asia
Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, has recently installed a 4.5 kWp Off-Grid System in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

The system, installed in a building located in Ashgabat, was enhanced with Martifer Solar PV modules, SMA inverters and Sonnenschein batteries. Martifer Solar was responsible for the supply and full installation of this photovoltaic project.

The installation is capable of producing clean energy to avoid the emission of more than 1.5 tons of CO2 per year, and it is in the scope of a project that joins Aveiro, Barcelona, Hamburg and Ashgabat Universities.

This project represents a mark of Martifer Solar in the Off-Grid market, in which the company believes to grow in the next years and the opening of the Central Asian market.

According to Marcio Matos, responsible for Martifer Solar’s Development, “This project demonstrates our ability and willingness to adapt and accept new challenges, as well as to approach new markets.

We believe that Off-Grid markets represent a key opportunity to value renewable energy, not only by being a clean and noiseless way of producing energy, but also by reducing energy production costs with the replacement of diesel generators and grid extensions”
Martifer Solar signs an EPC contract for the construction of 22 MWp in Portugal
Martifer Solar, subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, has signed an agreement with a company managed by BNP Paribas Clean Energy Partners for the construction of a 22MWp photovoltaic solar installation in Portugal.

Martifer Solar, besides the technical implementation of the project, will also be responsible, under a turnkey contract, for the supply and installation of all the required equipment.

The PV plant is due to be completed by the first half of 2012 and will reinforce Martifer Solar’s leading position as photovoltaic solutions provider worldwide.

The project appointed to Martifer Solar will produce 37.4 GWh/year, the equivalent to the average consumption of more than 10,000 Portuguese families and will avoid the emission to the atmosphere of around 15.200 tons of CO2/year.

According to Mr. Henrique Rodrigues, Martifer Solar’s CEO, who declares being very pleased with the signing of this relevant contract, “it demonstrates Martifer Solar’s capacity to attract foreign investment towards the Portuguese renewables sector, despite the current difficult economic juncture”.

“These 22 will be the first of a total of 33MWp to be built by Martifer Solar in South Portugal; I’m sure that these projects will bring relevant benefits for this region, both economically and environmentally”, stated Mr. Rodrigues.
Martifer Solar heralds UK debut with new PV parking solution
Martifer Solar – the solar PV division of worldwide industrial group, Martifer Group – which delivers turnkey solutions for PV projects, is making its UK debut with SMARTPARK®.

SMARTPARK®. is an innovative new concept that will enable local authorities and large retailers to benefit from the attractive returns available with the Feed-in Tariff.

Local authorities are expected to welcome SMARTPARK® as a way of helping them make use of renewable energy and comply with their statutory responsibilities to reduce carbon emissions.

To key retailers, SMARTPARK® will represent an opportunity to turn an empty space into a major revenue earner.

Developed by the Martifer Solar R&D+i Division, the SMARTPARK® concept is based around a solar photovoltaic enabled carport that features robust technology and a simple 'plug and play' mounting system. Electric-car charging points can be included, which will be of particular interest to local authorities who are now required to provide e-car charging points as part of the government's drive to encourage non-polluting vehicles.

SMARTPARK® carports are quick and easy to install and their attractive, modern appearance improves the look of a car park as well as emphasising the green credentials of the owner/operator. Being a modular system with single and dual versions, a SmartPark® installation can be easily configured to suit any car park area. Optional features include a choice of colours, a higher level of anodising, self-cleaning glass, rainwater drainage, lighting systems and impact protection for the roof supports.

Martifer Solar has devised a variety of innovative financial schemes (utilising FiT payments) to make the adoption of SMARTPARK® technology into a very affordable investment for both public- and private-sector Clients.
Martifer Solar attends Intersolar Europe 2011
Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, will be attending Intersolar Europe 2011 (Munich, 8th-10th June) to share with the solar industry its latest successes and new projects, while introducing MPrime as one of the most complete distributors of photovoltaic equipment for installers all over the world.

Martifer Solar has recently opened two new subsidiaries, in Canada and the United Kingdom. Among its latest projects it inaugurated the largest solar photovoltaic plant in Africa (Santiago Island, Cape Verde) and it has recently taken its first steps into the Indian solar market, with one ongoing project in the Gujarat region.

“We are attending Intersolar with the satisfaction of having been able to keep on growing and offering solutions to our Clients worldwide despite the difficulties due to the global economic crisis and the cuts in the feed-in tariffs across Europe. We are working hard to keep track of our Clients’ needs and market’s transformations, and thanks to the international experience we have acquired, we are ready to face them successfully and with guarantees”, stated Mr. Henrique Rodrigues, Martifer Solar’s CEO, who will be present at the fair.

MPrime, the photovoltaic equipment distributor of Martifer Solar, will also be present at the fair, introducing to PV installers its complete portfolio of modules, kits and components which include not only MPrime’s own modules, produced in Europe, but also a wide range of modules and components from different international producers.

The creation of MPrime, added to the international expertise of Martifer Solar as an EPC for large, medium and small photovoltaic installations has consolidated the company as one of the most accomplished players in the photovoltaic international industry, offering answers and solutions to each possible request, from the supplying of the most suitable modules and components to the realization of a turnkey PV project anywhere in the world.

Martifer Solar installs 8 MW on rooftop in Belgium
Martifer Solar, subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, is building in two months, a group of rooftop photovoltaic installations, totaling 8 MW, in the Flanders region (Belgium).

The construction of the photovoltaic installations, which are spread throughout 40 rooftops, has started in the beginning of May and will be totally connected to the grid and ready to produce clean solar photovoltaic energy with the maximum efficiency by 30th of June, 2011.

The innovative gravitational solution for rooftops developed by Martifer Solar is being used for the installation of the photovoltaic modules. This exclusive system avoids the perforation of the rooftops and ensures its complete sealing.

Besides the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of the rooftop PV solar photovoltaic plants, which will be operated by third-parties, Martifer Solar will also provide for its Operation and Maintenance (O&M) through a specialised team which will monitor and assure the preventive and corrective maintenance of all the plants.

“With these projects, Martifer Solar will have more than 20 MW installed in Belgium by the end of June and our aim is to continue growing and demonstrating that, despite the Feed-in-Tariffs cuts, we are ready to guarantee the profitability and feasibility of the solar energy overcoming any challenge with innovative solutions customized to each Client’s needs”, stated Ricardo Meireles, Martifer Solar’s Regional Manager for Northern & Central Europe.

These rooftop installations will supply about 1,600 homes with clean energy and avoid the emission of up to 1,800 tons of CO₂ per year.
Martifer Solar wins its first project in India
Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, is pleased to announce its technical tie up with Louroux Bio Energies Ltd., a group company of Inspira Infrastructure Ltd, for setting up a 25 MW Solar PV power generation project in Gujarat (India).

The project is being set-up near Rajkot in Gujarat, and is due to be delivered until the 31st of December 2011, in multiple phases.

According to Mr. Ravi Agrawal, Louroux’s Managing Director: “Our tie up with Martifer Solar is a major step for the successful realization of this plant. Their international experience, with more than 130 MW installed worldwide, confirms that they are the best partner for our solar project. We are looking forward to increasing our relationship with Martifer Solar in future projects.”

“We are really satisfied with this agreement and our success in India. This project is just the beginning of Martifer Solar's operations in one of the most promising solar markets and strengthens the excellent relationship established with Louroux during this year, confirming the expectations for future cooperation between both companies", stated Mr. Henrique Rodrigues, Martifer Solar's CEO.

Martifer Solar’s PV plant in Moratalla, Spain (11.1 MW) graduates with the best grades for its modules and tracker
Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, announces with great satisfaction that the PV plant located in Moratalla, (Murcia Region, Spain) has overcome with excellent grades the demanding legal and technical due diligences performed by the independent consultancy firm Altermia; with this brilliant result the solar photovoltaic energy plant has been confirmed as one of the most efficient ones in the country.

In this PV project Martifer Solar implemented its own PV Modules and trackers. It is operated by a third party and covers a total extension of 48 hectares.

The extraordinary performance of the plant, with a peak power of 11.1 MW (Nominal Power 10 MW), is due, not only to the excellent location of the installation, in a privileged environment, but mainly to the brilliant results obtained by Martifer Solar’s modules, considered as one of the best-performing solar photovoltaic panels on the market, and by the Smartracker, the one axis tracker developed by the company which gets up to 25% of higher productivity when compared against fixed structures. The equipments’ efficiency has been attested by Altermia’s rigorous legal examinations and technical tests; their conclusions regarding Moratalla’s plant operation say that it “has been highly satisfactory, with 5.3% above the estimated production”.

Martifer Solar has been involved in this ambitious project from the very beginning, leading each step of its development. It is still linked to the plant by being in charge of its O&M.

As stated by Alberto Rabanal, Board Member and Region Manager for Spain and Latin America, “Moratalla’s Project is the best example of Martifer Solar’s capacity to adapt to the changes in the Spanish PV market. It shows the efficiency and competence of the company in discovering active values and developing them from the beginning to its construction and sale with all the guarantees”.

The plant can supply up to 4, 500 homes with clean energy and will avoid the emission of 17,400 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere.
MPrime: The New Distributor for the Solar Industry
MPrime arrives to the solar photovoltaic industry to find its place as a leading distributor of photovoltaic equipment: modules, kits (plug & play solutions) and a wide range of PV components.

MPrime has been created with the purpose of becoming, within the next five years, one of the main European players in the distribution of solar photovoltaic equipment. To achieve this goal, MPrime counts on a complete and highly adaptable portfolio of products created to meet each Client’s requirements, backed up by an experienced and motivated team devoted to both customer and aftersales services.

In order to contribute to this aim, MPrime also produces its own PV modules in one of the best technologically equipped factories in Europe. Located in Portugal, and with an extremely advanced production line, completely automated and robotized, the factory reaches a production capacity of 50 MW per year, extendable to 100 MW.

The modules produced by MPrime in Europe will make the difference in the market, offering an outstanding warranty of 10 years, and proving its commitment with excellence guaranteeing a positive power variation of up to 4.99 Watts above the nominal power. MPrime modules are ready to occupy a relevant position in the high-medium segment of the PV market, and this is only the beginning: MPrime arrives to the distribution activity to evolve the concepts of efficiency and service, going beyond its competitors towards the highest quality standards.

Martifer Solar will participate at BioEnergy Exhibition in Cremona
Joining this event, Martifer Solar Italy wants to pay particular attention to the agricultural segment, as it shares with the PV sector a main objective: creating value from the environment while respecting the environment.

The company’s participation in the event confirms its strong belief that the renewable energy sector is not only a solid financial product but a real industry, compatible with the rest of the economic fields and with the exceptional added value of being green, just like the agricultural sector.

The photovoltaic and the agricultural sectors are always a winning combination. Martifer Solar Italy is ready to offer the best PV solutions, with the most solid guarantees of success, to the agricultural market. Martifer Solar will offer the visitors of BioEnergy a wide range of PV solutions to build ground plants, roof plants or greenhouses, focused on the agricultural industry’s requests and backed by the large international experience of the company, established in 12 countries and successfully settled in Italy since 2008.

BioEnergy Italy comes immediately after a significant change in the law that regulates the photovoltaic sector in the country, with the Legislative Decree of the 3rd of March, which strongly threatens all the companies of the sector. These modifications will result in hard economic and financial implications, threatening the growth of one of the most productive industrial sectors and affecting more than 120,000 workers.

Martifer Solar, together with other companies and the main photovoltaic associations, has proactively started lobbying at a political level in order to reduce the damage that the sudden and massive escape of national and international investment (both large scale and individual initiatives) can have on Italy’s leadership in the sector.

Martifer Solar is confident with respect to a quick and reasonable resolution of the problem, ensuring continuity in the promotion of clean energy. Martifer Solar will be happy to meet you at BioEnergy in Booth 338, Hall 2
Martifer Solar installs 2.88 MW on rooftop in Prague
The 2.88 MW were installed on a total area of 67,816 sqm, spread out into six different buildings in the same industrial complex. The facility is located in an industrial park in the capital and is operated by a third-party.

Following the need to use a perforating system, a special support structure for the modules was created, adjusting it to the structure of the building, in order to guarantee its stability and waterproof.

“These 2.88 MW were of great complexity, owing mostly to the need of assuring the stability of the buildings and observing the safety of the construction because this installation was laid down in the frame of the buildings. We are very pleased to see a project of this difficulty successfully completed. It is undoubtedly a work marked by the quality of engineering and construction since it has been adapted to the modern construction of these industrial buildings”, stated Ricardo Meireles, Martifer Solar General Manager for Northern & Central Europe.

This installation will supply over 1,400 homes with clean energy and avoid the emission of more than 5,300 tons of CO₂ per year.

Martifer Solar at Intersolution 2011
Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, will present an innovative solution, the SmartPark concept, at the Intersolution Fair (Fair of Flanders, Ghent, Belgium. 27th to 29th January).

This new product integrates the SmartPark Solar structure, developed by Martifer Solar’s RD&I Department with the charging station supplied by MagnumCap (subsidiary of I’M SGPS). The visitors of Intersolution will be able to see the installation at real scale, charging a Prius Plug In-Hybrid car provided by Toyota.

SmartPark, an exclusive Martifer Solar product, is a solar carport engineered with robust technology and a simple “plug and play” mounting system, turning an architectural structure usually designed to just cover vehicles into a solar energy producing structure.

Martifer Solar is already involved in the development of several projects to install the SmartPark, in Belgium.

The SmartPark Concept offers a totally integrated solution for electric vehicles, converting solar energy into energy for vehicles. The presentation of this concept highlights the evolution of Martifer Solar, adapting its services to the current demand in the Belgium Solar Market, to become an integrated supplier of Solar PV solutions.

“With the reduction of the Feed-In-Tariff, the solar market in Belgium will evolve into a new level. Therefore Martifer Solar introduces new products for different business segments with a higher level of added value in the market. We are working on products for the agriculture sector and for the electric cars market, such as the concept presented at the Intersolution Fair”, stated Tijs Vanhoutte, Commercial Manager of Martifer Solar Belgium.

Being prepared to face the new phase of small tariffs and offering products that will grant to the owner a good return on investment are Martifer Solar Belgium’s goals for the forthcoming years.

Martifer Solar has participated in the implementation of over 10 MW of photovoltaic solar energy in Belgium.

Martifer Solar is one of the leading companies in the solar photovoltaic industry and a reference in industrial rooftops installations in the country.

Martifer Solar signs a strategic agreement with Sunflower
Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, signed a binding agreement with the company Sunflower for the EPC and O&M of PV plants totalling up to 13 MW.

This agreement was signed by the time Martifer Solar has completed two plants of about 2.1 MW each in the Province of Alessandria as EPC contractor, for the same Client.

These plants are part of a larger portfolio of photovoltaic projects under development by Sunflower since 2010, and are expected to be fully authorized by February 2011.

Besides the construction of the PV plants, Martifer Solar will also have an important role in their Operation and Maintenance, through a specialised team which will monitor and assure the preventive and corrective maintenance of all plants developed for Sunflower, since 2010.

“We are very glad with this sign of trust by Sunflower shown through the frame agreement after the construction of Alessandria plants”, stated Pedro Pereira, Managing Director of Martifer Solar Italy.

The two plants of around 2.1 MW that Martifer Solar has built for Sunflower in Alessandria were concluded in record time within the end of 2010 and are currently waiting for connection to the grid.

Pedro Pereira adds “in order to finish these [Alessandria] plants within 2010, we had to give our best in terms of flexibility and speed, without compromising the quality standards that our Clients are already used to. The second plant was a very good example of this: built in approximately two months, it reached a peak of 60 people, often working under extreme weather conditions.

Martifer Solar has already built more than 31 MW of photovoltaic plants in Italy so far and expects to more than duplicate its installed capacity by the end of 2011.