Martifer Solar supplies two new turnkey projects in northern Italy
Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, SA, has started the construction of two new PV plants in Northern Italy, with approximately 3.1 MW.

The first plant, in the province of Cremona, will have a peak power of 1 MW and will produce enough energy to supply about 300 four-member families. This new project, installed on fixed structures, will avoid the emission of 636 tons of CO2 per year to the atmosphere. With an area of about 25,000 sqm, this plant is the result of the investment of a local farm in the differentiation of its own business into renewable energies, attesting the increasing interest of the agricultural sector in solar photovoltaic energy.

The second turnkey project, built in Alessandria on fixed structures and with a pick power of 2.08 MW, will produce enough energy to supply about 600 families composed by four members and will avoid the annual emission of 1,256 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere. The plant, which will be installed in a total area of about 40,000 sqm, is the result of a second agreement with Sunflower Italia Srl, a subsidiary of the Israeli investment company Sunflower, with which Martifer Solar already concluded the building of another PV plant of similar peak power in the same province.

“We are pleased to have started a replica of our previous project in Alessandria with Sunflower and to add another project to our track record in the North of Italy - Cremona - raising it to more than 8 MW currently in progress. In particular, Cremona project allowed us to add the agricultural category to our Clients’ portfolio which was only composed by financial and industrial Clients so far.” Pedro Pereira, Managing Director of Martifer Solar Italy, stated.

The construction of both plants started in October and is expected to be finished by the end of 2010. These two new PV plants strengthen the presence of Martifer Solar in Northern Italy, where the company has recently finished a 3 MW plant in Lombardy and another plant of 2.1 MW in the Piedmont region.

Martifer Solar is going to install, in 2010, more than 24 MW of PV plants, both in the Northern and Southern Italy. The EPC contracts in progress all over Italy and on behalf of different Clients have a value of more than 75 million Euros.

Martifer Solar signs PPA for 113 MW with Southern California Edison
Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, alongside Silverado Power, signed today Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with Southern California Edison, for 113 MW solar projects.

These 113 MW consist in nine PV projects within close proximity to major utility lines in Southern California. These projects, expected to be concluded in 2013, are primarily located in Los Angeles County and will allow an energy supply to thousands of homes via a 20-year contract with Southern California Edison.

This contract is inserted in the Renewable Standard Contract Program, developed by Southern California Edison, which represents an effort from the company to procure renewable energy through mid-scale installations. “These projects are a first step in bringing local job growth to Los Angeles County by building clean energy generation facilities”, said John Cheney, CEO of Silverado Power.

“This is an important project for Martifer Solar, since it will allow us to significantly expand our PV projects portfolio in a market with great growth potential, such as the US”, said Henrique Rodrigues, CEO of Martifer Solar.

Martifer Solar finishes installation of 5 MW PV park in Santiago Island
Martifer Solar, owned by Martifer SGPS, SA, and the Ministry of Economy, Growth and Competitiveness of Cape Verde (MECC) has inaugurated today the second of two solar parks contracted in January. The Prime Minister of Cape Verde, Dr. José Maria das Neves, presided over the inauguration ceremony.

Installed on fixed structures, this park, located in Santiago Island, is a turnkey project entirely developed by Martifer Solar and uses PV panels produced in its own plant in Oliveira de Frades, Portugal.

With an estimated production of 8,120 MWh/year, the park occupies an area of 13 hectares and has 5 MW peak power. This is, so far, the biggest PV plant in the African continent.

In October, the Government of Cape Verde inaugurated an installation in Sal Island, also built by Martifer Solar, with 2.5 MW peak power with capacity to expand up to 5 MWp.

The two parks will ensure the production of 4% of the total electricity produced in the archipelago and will avoid the emission of 13 thousand tons of CO2 per year.

“With the usual constraints in these geographies, the execution of these projects in such a short time was, for Martifer Solar, a great challenge that, with the help of all involved agents, we overcame! Now, we will continue working with the hope to find other projects that, like these, contribute decisively for the development and well being of its people”, says Henrique Rodrigues, CEO of Martifer Solar.
Martifer Solar supplies 3.05 MWp of turnkey PV projects in southern Italy
Martifer Solar, a subsidiary of Martifer SGPS, SA, has started the construction of two new PV plants in Southern Italy. These plants have a peak power of 1.6 and 1.45 MW and will be managed by two different subsidiaries of Infrastrutture S.p.a and Hergo Sun Srl.

The 1.6 MW plant will be built on fixed structures, while the 1.45 MW plant will be installed on mono-axial trackers. Martifer Solar had already installed two plants for the same Client, of 2 MW and 4 MW, using the same mono-axial trackers. For these two plants more than 80% of the works were assigned to local firms (of the same province) while the rest was consigned to other Italian firms.

This fact reflects an internal policy of the company, oriented to enhance the technical and human abilities of the territory where PV plants are erected while matching the local authority’s goals during the licensing phase for these initiatives. In fact, one of the main goals of the national policy in terms of renewable energies is to develop job opportunities and local entrepreneurship.

The new plants will produce enough energy to supply 1,450 families composed by four members, avoiding the emission to the atmosphere of 55,000 tons of CO2, known as the main agent responsible of the increase of the greenhouse effect, during the 20 years. The total area of the two plants will be of 10 hectares.

Pedro Pereira, Managing Director of Martifer Solar Italy, said “These two new plants will increase the capacity installed on behalf of Infrastrutture Spa in Italy to more than 9 MW just in 2010, strengthening an excellent relationship established during this year and confirming the expectations for future cooperation between the two companies”.

Guido Carissimo, Managing Director of Infrastrutture, stated “A rigorous procedure has been followed and we are glad to have obtained the trust of the banks”.

The construction of these plants started between August and September and for both the connection to the grid is foreseen until the end of 2010. After the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) phase, Martifer Solar will also manage the Operation & Maintenance (O&M), with a 20-year contract.

Martifer Solar, present in Italy since 2008, is going to install, in 2010, more than 24 MW of PV plants, both in Northern and Southern Italy. The building contracts in progress all over Italy and on behalf of different Clients have a value of more than 75 million Euros.

Being both domestic and international, industrial and financial, Martifer Solar’s Client portfolio is becoming more and more widespread and loyal, thanks to the confidence the company has been able to obtain in the market due to its competence, reliability and goals achievement. Martifer Solar can rely on a high vertical integration level in the photovoltaic industry and on a strong geographical presence in 10 countries all over the world, benefiting from the synergies of a strong international Group.
Martifer Solar finishes installation of 2.5 MW PV park in Ilha do Sal
Martifer Solar, owned by Martifer SGPS, SA, and the Ministry of Economy, Growth and Competitiveness of Cape Verde (MECC) has inaugurated today the first of two solar parks contracted in January. The Prime Minister of Cape Verde, Dr. José Maria das Neves, presided the inauguration ceremony.

Installed on fixed structures, this park, located in Ilha do Sal, is a turnkey project entirely developed by Martifer Solar and it uses PV panels produced in its plant in Oliveira de Frades, Portugal.

The installation occupies an area of 9.75 hectares and has 2.5 MW peak power, with the possibility of a 2.5 MW expansion capacity until 2014. This park, so far is the biggest PV Central in the African continent.

The second park, which will be inaugurated in November, is located in Ilha de Santiago and will have 5MW peak power capacity.

The two parks will ensure the production of four per cent of the total electricity produced in the archipelago and will avoid the emission of 13 thousand tons of CO2 per year.

“It is an honor for us to participate in this project, since it is extremely important for Cape Verde. The energy produced in the new parks will allow a significant improvement in the quality of life of its people”, says Henrique Rodrigues, CEO of Martifer Solar.

Martifer Solar supplies a turnkey PV plant of 2.1 MWp in Alessandria
Martifer Solar has signed an agreement with Sunflower Italy Srl, a subsidiary of the Israelite listed company SunFlower , for the construction of a 2.1 MW photovoltaic solar plant installed on fixed structures near the city of Alessandria, Northern Italy.

Martifer Solar is currently building in Italy around 20 MW for different customers, mainly in the South. These are the first plants installed by the company in the Piedmont region.

Recently, Martifer Solar has started another project for 3 plants totalling 3 MW to be operated by an Italian investor in the Province of Milan, meaning that “nearly a fourth of the company’s current pipeline will be installed in the Northern Italy, an area that is proving to be as interesting as the Southern Regions, despite its lower level of irradiation”, says Pedro Pereira, Managing Director of Martifer Solar in Italy.

The new plant in Alessandria will produce enough energy to supply around 600 four-member households and will save the emission of 1,256 tons of CO2, the main agent responsible for the greenhouse effect. The total area of the project will be of 40,000 m2.

“This is the first project of a larger pipeline we expect to build for Sunflower, with whom we intend to broaden our cooperation to other geographies where both our companies are already present in the solar business”, stated Pedro Pereira, Managing Director of Martifer Solar in Italy.

The construction of the plant will start in September and it is expected to be connected to the grid by the end of 2010. After the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of this plant, Martifer Solar will also act as Operation & Maintenance (O&M) contractor of the plant for a period of 20 years.
Martifer Solar supplies a turnkey PV project of 3 MWp near Milan
Martifer Solar, owned by Martifer SGPS, SA, will supply a turnkey project, composed of three ground-mounted photovoltaic solar plants, near the economic heart of Italy, in the Lombardy Region, totalling 3 MW of peak power.

In great expansion in Italy, the company is already one of the key players in the PV sector in the country, having more than doubled the number of workers during the first semester of the year.

Martifer Solar has already constructed several parks in the Basilicata, Sicilia and Apulia regions, totalling more than 7 MWp.

The newly awarded parks will produce enough energy to supply almost 900 four-member households and will save the emission of 1,850 tons of CO2, the main agent responsible for the greenhouse effect. Besides the environmental benefits, they will also create several direct and indirect jobs during the whole life of the project.

“Being Martifer Solar Italia located in Milan, we are particularly eager to start this project which, for the first time, we’ll be able to closely monitor from our headquarters. On top of that, we are honored to be assigned one of the largest ground mounted PV projects in the Lombardy Region, considering its overall installed capacity.”, stated Pedro Pereira, Martifer Solar’s General Manager for Italy.

Martifer Solar starts a 5 MWp on roof top PV installation
Martifer Solar starts, after getting the feed in tariff, an installation of 4.8 MW nominal, 5 peak, on rooftop in a industrial complex in Borox, Toledo, in the industrial zone of influence of Madrid. This facility, located in one place, is one of the stars of the company's projects Martifer Solar was responsible for all matters relating to project: searching for the roof, hire them, permitting and licensing, construction fee, which will begin soon, and Operation and Maintenance also Martifer Solar will use modules produced at its factory in Oliveira de Frades, Central Portugal.

With all that the company has generated an active that will be put on the hands of an investor who will operate the facility. In short all the work is assuming as a perfect vertical integration capability. The project, as has been developed, located in the same industrial complex recently built, consist of more than 23,300 modules and will be divided into four facilities connecting at two different points of the complex. In fact this issue, the evacuation, has been of great technical complexity from the point of view of engineering because it has been necessary to bring the online screening flow from the neighboring Seseña.

The company believes that this project has been a great success mainly because of the current status of photovoltaic energy in Spain, regarding this, Alberto Rabanal, Martifer Solar member Board and responsible for the company in Spain, said that "at these hard times for photovoltaics in our country with this work we demonstrate our ability to adapt to the market, always relying on the security we offer to the customer, and in our hands lies the whole project from the beginning, from the manufacture of the modules until the final product: an efficient and operational plan.

The project is part of the 300,000 sqm rooftop gotten in Spain by the Martifer Solar commercial department in advance of the last Spanish regulation, which supports the pv installations on rooftop, a great example of adaptation, forecasting and market relevance.

Martifer informs about share capital increase in Martifer Solar
Martifer, SGPS, SA, following its strategic focus on the metallic construction and renewable energy sectors (wind & solar), informs that has been unanimously approved, a 35 million euro share capital increase in its subsidiary Martifer Solar. Share capital will amounts to 50 million euro.

This capital increase, which will take place gradually during the next two years in order to meet investment needs, will be proportionally subscribed by its shareholders. Martifer Solar is controlled at 75% by Martifer Group.

The aim of this operation is to strengthen the capital structure of Martifer Solar, in order to provide the company with endowment to benefit the current growth of the solar sector.

The structure of this share capital increase does not jeopardize Martifer Group’s debt ratios commitments.

Martifer Solar is Martifer’s company dedicated to the development and construction of photovoltaic projects, namely the installation of photovoltaic parks under turnkey or EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contracts, the development of architectural integration projects and microgeneration, as well as the production of PV panels. It currently has one of the most automated production lines with capacity up to 50 MW/year.

The company has been working to be on the forefront of solar photovoltaic energy, combining the technical flexibility of its solutions with the quality of its products. To ensure an integrated solution to its customers, besides the photovoltaic modules Martifer Solar also provides solar tracking systems (Smartracker), solar parking lots (Smartpark) and a proprietary solution for rooftops without the need of drilling holes.

Martifer Solar is present in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Greece, United States, Czech Republic and expects to enter into new markets such as Turkey, Bulgaria and Canada, where a huge growth in the solar sector is expected

First SmartPark installation in the world
Martifer Solar has announced the completion of its first SmartPark solar carport system in the United States. The innovative 35,000-square-foot, 368-kilowatt renewable energy system was built for the Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA) in Lancaster, California.

The structure includes over 300 kilowatts of SmartPark-mounted modules, as well as a smaller roof-mounted system, and fulfills the dual purpose of generating clean “green” electric energy while also providing shade protection for up to 110 vehicles.

“Martifer Solar did an excellent job for us,” said AVTA Executive Director, Randy Floyd. “It was a very smooth project that stayed right on schedule. The installation team was also easy to work with and very professional throughout the entire construction process.”

The solar energy project was funded by the Transit Investments for Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction (TIGGER) grant program under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). “AVTA is proud of this project,” stated Floyd.

“It put to good use a portion of our American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding. Not only did this project generate jobs, it is reducing our carbon footprint and reducing our operating costs.” The project created over 30 green-collar jobs.

Covering an area of 35,000-square-feet, the new system will reduce the transit facility’s carbon dioxide output by more than 400 tons over the projected 35-year life span of the system. Raffi Agopian, CEO of Martifer Solar’s U.S. headquarters in West Los Angeles, said the new SmartPark system allows the company to deliver an advanced solar platform capable of meeting a Client’s alternative energy demands without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

“This system is an elegant combination of both form and function, and is very versatile,” said Agopian, “It perfectly matched the renewable energy goals of the Antelope Valley Transit Authority, while also meeting their need for better parking facilities for their employees and visitors. It was a great win-win solution.”

This is the first SmartPark installation for Martifer Solar in the United States. The new system was created through the company’s extensive research and development, engineering and design process.

The SmartPark product consists of a fixed structure that provides outdoor covered parking with a minimal amount of installation work, and provides customers with greater power generation capabilities. Its flexible design makes it adaptable to the size and layout of the location, and enables it to accommodate a wide variety of module types and connecting equipment. It is equally useful in conjunction with roof or ground-mounted systems or as a stand-alone system, and can be a valuable alternative to traditional solar installation methods. Martifer Solar is anticipating the market to grow by 35 percent over 2009 levels.

Martifer Solar will install 6 MW of Solar PV in Southern Italy
Martifer Solar will implement two solar photovoltaic plants in Southern Italy. These facilities have a peak power, respectively of 4 and 2 MW and will be managed by a company controlled by Infrastruture Spa. Both plants will use one axis solar tracker technology that significantly increases the efficiency compared to fixed structures.

It is hoped that these new facilities become operational in the third quarter of this year. The Portuguese company continues to grow in Italy. Following the recently completed plants of Casteltermini, 3 MWp, in the Sicilian province of Agrigento and the Alesano’s in the province of Lecce, Puglia, 1 MWp, now the company adds another 6 MWp installed also in the South of Italy.

The new facility would not have been made without the great commercial work developed by Martifer Solar in Italy, as Pedro Pereira, Country Manager of the company in Italy, says, "these projects are the result of a long and rigorous process that we are very proud to have successfully completed. After our experience in Sicily, where we had developed a plant based on this technology, now our goal is to continue to fulfill our customer’s needs in key areas such as flexibility, quality and timing, as we have done in our previous work”.

Important agreement

Martifer Solar is developing new turnkey plants in South Italy for the company controlled by Infrastrutture Spa. For Martifer is always very important to work with local businesses to offer them its services and with which it reached important agreements, proof of this are the two new installations, as Pereira concludes, "we augur the beginning of a strong and lasting partnership with Infrastrutture, in other projects within renewable energy where Martifer is also active. "

These new facilities are helping to protect the environment, they will avoid the emission of more than 6,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere and will produce enough energy to supply 3,200 families annually, they will also generates a significant number of direct and indirect jobs some of them will remain after the launch of the plants in the third quarter of 2010.

Martifer Solar among the most prominent companies in the Trade Fair Intersolution, Belgium
Martifer Solar has been present in the second edition of the Trade Fair Intersolution, at the Fair of Flanders, Ghent, Belgium. This is the only exhibition of the photovoltaic solar industry in the Benelux and took place between 14 and 16 January. The fair welcomed a total of 5,000 professional visitors. Martifer Solar booth was strategically located at the fairgrounds, and it received a steady flow of visitors, probably helped by the fact that it was one of the largest companies attending this event.

The company has successfully qualified for participation after the great interest among participants and the large number of contacts, which gives further evidence of its leading position in the solar photovoltaic industry in Belgium. Martifer had the opportunity to showcase some of its works already carried out nationally and internationally and technological innovations developed as SmartPark, the photovoltaic solution for outdoor parking areas, which had a great response.

Ricardo Meireles, Martifer Solar’s Country Manager in Belgium, made a very positive balance of the trade fair participation and stated that "it is important that Martifer Solar is emphasized on the international scene within the PV companies and it is important to show our know-how to the potential customers who visited us.” Martifer Solar also had the opportunity to show at the fair its new product consisting on fixing roof structures developed entirely by the company.

This system uses gravitational structures that do not need to perforate, this product avoids major works on the roof surfaces and prevents possible water leaks and humidity.

Martifer Solar will install 7.5 MW of solar PV in Cape Verde
Martifer Solar has signed a contract with the Ministry of Economy of Cape Verde to build two solar photovoltaic plants of 5 and 2.5 MW, respectively, on the islands of Santiago and La Sal. The facilities will produce 4% of the total energy of this African archipelago and will go directly to consumption.

These projects situate Martifer Solar at the top of the international installers and Cape Verde at the top of Africa in terms of photovoltaic solar energy. The facilities, turnkey projects, will involve an investment of around 30 millions of Euros and will be operated directly by the national electricity company. The modules used are wholly produced in the Martifer Solar factory located in Oliveira de Frades, Portugal. The photovoltaic plants have a completion date of seven months and will be, at its inauguration, the two largest in Africa. The plant in Santiago Island, in Praia city, will have an installed capacity of 5 MW; the plant installed in Santiago Island will have an installed capacity of 2.5.

"The Cape Verdean government has awarded a contract to Martifer Solar for the installation of two turnkey solar photovoltaic plants in Cape Verde, amounting to a total of nearly 30 million, the plants will produce nearly 4% of the electricity production capacity of the African country, Martifer Solar is so proud to contribute to the Cape Verde energy diversification ", explained Henrique Rodrigues, Martifer Solar CEO. Pioneer Project Martifer Solar will supply the solar photovoltaic modules required for the two plants.

The company’s pv module factory with a production capacity of 50 MW per year, is equipped with the most efficient technology and full automation of the market. It produces polycrystalline solar modules in a power range from 220 to 240 Wp. The two implementations will avoid emissions of 13 thousand tons of CO2 annually, the main agent causing the greenhouse effect. All the energy produced will go directly to the consumer so that we can say that this is a pioneering project in the entire African continent.

Martifer also signed a protocol to provide specialized technical assistance in the implementation processes of pilot micro photovoltaic solar energy production in the main towns of the country as well as conducting economic feasibility studies for the installation of a geothermal plant on the Island of Fogo.